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VIDEO: Evergreen Homeowner Lures Deer Inside Home To Feed Them

DENVER (CBS4)- Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted another video of people feeding wild animals with a call to stop, not only because it is against the law but because it is dangerous for animals, too. The video shows a homeowner in Evergreen luring a buck and other deer into their home with food.

DEER feeding evergreen
(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted the video on Monday, which shows a compilation of videos taken over a period of two months. The most recent recording was four weeks ago.

The food in the video includes cereal, bread, carrots, bananas and apples.

CPW said feeding wildlife needs to stop, that it is selfish and dangerous for both animals and humans.

"Let wildlife be wild, these animals are not pets."

DEER feeding evergreen
(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

According to CPW, violations for feeding big-game wildlife can result in a $100 fine per occasion of feeding, plus mandatory surcharges.

CPW said wild deer are meant to be out in the wild and not meant to be pets. Feeding deer causes them to gather in one area and disrupts their natural migration patterns.

"If you are training deer to come and stay in your backyard, you are asking mountain lions to be in your neighborhood as well," said CPW Area Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb.

Big game can die if they eat the wrong food.

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