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Federal Heights Man Kidnapped And Held At Gunpoint

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. (CBS4) – A kidnapped man was apparently taken by two men who wanted access to his bank account on Saturday.

According to police two men kidnapped a 65-year-old man at gunpoint near 10th Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Federal Heights.

The man was ordered inside a black four door sedan and made to give up his pocket cash.

Kidnappers then allegedly drove to a FirstBank ATM in Westminster.

"That's freaking bizarre, that's nuts. What's wrong with this world and what's wrong with these people," said neighborhood resident John Berry.

The victim was forced to give up his card and pin number however he had insufficient funds.

Police are looking for two suspects, one white and one black.

Who brought these people up? Don't you people have parents," said Berry.

Authorities have not said how much money the victim gave at gunpoint but they did say that the two robbers drove the victim back to where they grabbed him.

"That kills me too, they brought him back to where they picked him up," said Berry.

Federal Height said the victim is shaken up but expected to be okay.


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