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FBI Concerned About Sex Trafficking At Broncos Game

DENVER (CBS4) – The FBI has been concerned with big sporting events bringing in sex traffickers exploiting women forced into prostitution.

It's called the "Innocence Lost National Initiative" in which authorities try to help children and others that are targeted for prostitution.

People will be coming from all across the West to watch the Broncos play on Sunday.

Some female escorts on the Internet are catering to the fans.

"Might their client turn out to be an FBI agent? It's very possible, we do run sting operations throughout the year looking for this sort of activity," said FBI spokesman Dave Joly.

The FBI has developed special teams that focus on sex trafficking at large scale sporting events.

"We want to curtail any type of human trafficking or prostitution rings especially those that might come from out of state," said Joly.

With retail marijuana and the National Western Stock Show on top of the Broncos bringing in tourists, some strip clubs are expecting a busy weekend.

"I'm not exploited and I don't think any woman should be. I come in here on my own free will and I think that's as it should be of any person," said a local stripper.

She will be handing out cards at the Broncos game that read, "sex trafficking is modern day slavery."

"We were involved in an investigation at one point where there was some human trafficking in one of our clubs," said Diamond Cabaret owner Tim Killeen.

His company's 16 clubs are involved with the Department of Homeland Security in a campaign against it.

He says while some may see this as advertising for their clubs, it is a part of a large scale effort to stamp out sex trafficking.


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