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'Getting Money To Them Right Now When They Need It': Fax Partnership Helps Struggling Families

DENVER (CBS4) - As the COVID-19 pandemic recovery gains momentum, some organizations around Denver know many people still need help. On Thursday, The Fax Partnership hosted its third event handing out money to local families in need.

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"They called me and said they have a little surprise for us. They have a drawing, and they chose names, and we were the ones being chosen," said Camilo Aguilera as he was loading a few bags of groceries into his truck. "This was a blessing for us today."

The Fax Partnership works to strengthen and support residents and businesses on and around East Colfax near the Denver and Aurora border.

Since the pandemic began, the partnership has tried to give out mini-grants to families that qualify. The families are also encouraged to seek other services like rent or utility assistance.

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"Folks are really responsive to it because it isn't an application, it isn't all this paperwork. It's getting money to them right now when they need it," said Monica Martinez the Executive Director of The Fax Partnership. "We think that investing in programs like this, that helps the people that are here, will then help them also benefit from that economic growth that we believe is going to occur."

Martinez says she knows developers are lurking along the corridor and a huge influx of government spending is coming. She says mini-grants to help families now will hopefully stave off some displacement as rents and housing prices continue to rise.

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"Even before COVID they were marginally surviving. Displacement was an issue. The recovery is not equal, that's why folks have been so disproportionately impacted and they were already vulnerable which compounds the challenges for this area," Martinez said.

The money isn't exorbitant. Seventeen families received about $400, they can get more money by meeting some more incentives the partnership has put in place.

"We just don't have the money, so we let a lot of things go. I think mostly necessities, me personally I think we could both use a new pair of shoes," said Aguilera's partner Laurie Madrigal.

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