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Father Accused Of Attacking Alleged Bullies Possibly With Pepper Spray

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - A Colorado Springs father is in trouble after he allegedly retaliated against a group of teenagers who may have bullied his son.

Police say the man, whose name has not been released, lashed out at a group of four 13-year-old boys with a chemical that may have been pepper spray early Sunday afternoon near 3rd and Virginia Avenue and then drove away.

The boys may have physically assaulted the man's 8-year-old son while he was skateboarding prior to the incident. Police said they may have knocked the boy to the ground and tried to steal his skateboard.

So far authorities haven't said if the father will definitely face charges, but misdemeanor child abuse charges were being considered. Police said they have interviewed him and they are bringing the teens in to see if they can identify him from a photo lineup.

"As a mom, it's scary," said one resident of the Enfield Apartments which is located near where the incident happened. "I can also see from the father's point of view of protecting your child, but there are boundaries that come with protecting your child."

"There's no need to come in and pepper spray a child."

Jeannette Cadaret, a friend of the father, said "I can never, ever imagine him doing that to a child." She said the man and his son have always been respectful.

"He's an upholding person. He's a very giving and caring father," Cadaret said. "I've never heard him yell."

Cadaret said she is certain the father would have settled the issue with the parents of the teens.

"I can see someone being upset if their child is bullied," she said.

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