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Family members speak out after sister's body was found inside hearse in Denver: "It's unethical, immoral"

Family of woman whose remains found in hearse emotional after funeral home owner arrested
Family of woman whose remains found in hearse emotional after funeral home owner arrested 02:11

The sisters of a victim whose body was found in a hearse in Denver want their loved one to be remembered for who she was along with the impact she had on others, and not what's happened the past few weeks.

Christina Rosales was 63 years old when she passed away about a year and a half ago from natural causes. Police believe her body was in a hearse since her passing.

Miles Harford became the center of an investigation after Rosales' remains were discovered in a hearse at a Denver home along with the cremated remains of at least 30 individuals on Feb. 6. The arrest warrant for Miles Harford was issued on Feb. 16. 

He was taken into custody Thursday night and released on a personal recognizance bond Friday afternoon. 

Miles Harford Arapahoe County

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Cathy Vorndran, Rosales' identical twin sister, said she was a friend, a wife, a mother, an aunt, and a great sister.

Vordran said when Rosales passed away, she had an uneasy feeling that something wasn't right. Earlier this month, their whole lives turned upside down when they got the call that Rosales' body was found a year and a half after her death.

They said what happened was "unethical and immoral."

  Miles Harford LinkedIn

Debi Schroeder, Rosales' older sister said Rosales and Harford knew one another and Harford promised he would take good care of Rosales' remains. Today, they want answers as to, "why do this to someone you knew?"

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They added that they're grateful that Harford has been arrested and they're looking forward to justice being served.

They want Harford to know that he can't hurt them or others anymore and he'll pay for what he did.


As they wait for answers, they're sticking together and staying strong, while remembering Rosales for who she was, as they say, the best baker and the best cook in the family. 

They added Rosales was the head cook of the Sheridan School District 2 for many years and even won first place in a cooking contest as a kid.

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The family said Rosales' body was transferred to northern Colorado for a proper cremation. The family said while they're still overwhelmed with emotions, they finally feel at ease and at peace knowing their sister is now in good hands.

Funeral home owner released on bond 00:41
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