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Family camp leaves lasting memories, emotional support

How Raise the Future supports families through entire adoption process
How Raise the Future supports families through entire adoption process 02:13

Raise the Future hosts a family camp that comes with all the standard activities, rock climbing, hiking, and games, but it also comes with a healthy dose of healing.


"We each had like a 'buddy', they called it," said Anna, a teen who attended the camp with her family.

Each child is assigned a buddy for the duration of the camp. The buddy is an adult who is there to just listen.

"Even in that short time, my buddy knew a bunch about me, like what I wanted to do and kind of who I am, and it helped me to feel known by people," Anna explained.

"It felt like I could just be myself. They could be just kind of my vent," said Luke, Anna's brother.


Each of the kids made a book of memories from the camp, and then their buddies wrote a note of encouragement for each of them to hold on to.

"We had so much fun reading books, sitting in our groups, making fun toys, and breathing when we need to calm down, making our book, and playing with bubbles," Ellie reads from her book.

In among the fun, the kids are learning how to vent their feelings and to process them.

"If I'm mad at somebody or I'm not having a good day, we just need to breath," Ellie explained.


"Just seeing how valuable that is that they're known and loved as individuals, and they're not the whole group," said Molly, the kids' mom.

While the kids were having one-on-one time, their parents also got some support. They got time with coaches and got a chance to practice their TBRI skills.

"We were part of a community, a bigger community, and we weren't alone," said John, the kid's dad.

LINK: Donate to Raise the Future

You can support A Day for Wednesday's Child by making a donation: call 303-755-3975, text DWC2023 to 71777, or click on the link above. 

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