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Family Back In Colorado After Surviving Asiana Plane Crash

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4) - A Greenwood Village family is back home after surviving the Asiana Airlines plane crash in San Francisco last weekend.

The Jang family of five arrived home this weekend. They feel lucky to have all survived.

"As i was waking up, I just (heard) a big bang – impact," Jun Jang said.

Heading home from South Korea, the Jang family was sitting three rows from the back of Asiana Flight 214. They say they had no warning from the pilot before the tail hit the sea wall.

"When I saw the video I couldn't believe that we survived that plane crash because it almost flipped over," Joseph Jang said.

Joseph's older sister checked to see if they were alive.

"I looked to my parents and they were on the floor and I called out their name and they moaned and I knew they were alive and I just wanted to get out off the plane," Esther Jang said.

"I remember something crashed down from the ceiling of the airplane and then felt my chair going backward, and then after that I don't remember anything," Shinyi Jang said.

Shinyi suffered a spinal injury, but somehow, made it to a slide. Once outside, she gathered her wits to find her family.

"I opened my eyes and I saw my three children and then my husband with a bloody face," she said.

The Jang family is counting its blessings, especially since they believe at least two of the three Chinese girls who died were in the two rows behind them.

"That's the amazing part; I just thank God that we're still alive," Jun said. "The fact that all five of us are here talking to you, it's a miracle."

Shinyi will be in a body brace for another six weeks. All but one of them suffered at least a tiny fracture.

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