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Windsor Junior Excels In Technology, Looks To Stars

FORT COLLINS, Colo (CBS4) – CBS4 is coming together for Colorado students who excel in STEM; science, technology, engineering, and math. Every month, CBS4, along with its partners at the Colorado School of Mines and PDC Energy, awards $1,000 to a Future Leader. March's future leader is working with computer technology, but he's got his eye to the stars.

Future Leader La Mon
CBS4's Ashton Altieri presents the Future Leader award to La'Mon Bliss. (credit CBS)

"I love taking things a part and putting them back together," La'Mon Bliss told CBS4's Ashton Altieri.

Bliss has built two computers from scratch. He's set up a computer program that tracks all the printers on his school's network. It's all a part of a Career Wise apprenticeship, in which, over three years, he'll learn all the ins and outs of computer networking.

Future Leader La Mon 4
(credit CBS)

"Really, just knowing how they work, so we can properly diagnose what's going wrong with it," Bliss explained.

He's also working on his A+ Certification at Aims Community College.

"That certification is what is going to help me get another job in IT," Bliss added.

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Bliss is doing advanced work in technology, but his plans for the future are even bigger.

Future La Mon 2
(credit CBS)

"I want to go to a four year university and get a masters and eventually a Ph'd in theoretical physics. And additionally, if I can, I'd like to get my masters in computer sciences," he said.

"Why are you drawn to theoretical physics?" Altieri asked.

"I like learning. I love learning. I want to know how things work, so with theoretical physics, I can not only learn how things work, I can make my own theories on how things work," Bliss replied.

Future Leader La Mon 3
(credit CBS)

Bliss attends Colorado Early Colleges in Fort Collins. CECFC is a public charter high school, which offers education and workforce opportunities beyond the basic high school graduation requirements. His curriculum at Colorado Early Colleges gives him a jump on his university credits, and his ultimate goal.

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"I would like to either a) create my own business and help pioneer space, for lack of a better word, or work for SpaceX in a high up position that way I'm helping pioneer space."

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