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4 sergeants, 1 officer no longer with Erie Police Department in Colorado after misconduct investigation

Erie police chief "cannot release details" after 4 sergeants, 1 officer no longer with the departmen
Erie police chief "cannot release details" after 4 sergeants, 1 officer no longer with the departmen 00:27

After an internal investigation, four sergeants and one officer are no longer with the Erie Police Department. The chief didn't reveal any details about the internal investigation but did say the misconduct was not criminal in nature. 

Here is the entire statement by Erie Police Chief Lee Mathis: 

Town of Erie Community Members,

I am Chief Lee Mathis of the Erie Police Department, and I am here today to address a difficult and concerning matter. I recently became aware of incidents involving misconduct by some members of our department while on duty.  This misconduct was not criminal in nature however, it did not reflect the values of our department and could have been damaging to our work environment.  In such personnel matters I cannot divulge details.  One thing I can say is, our police department would never condone, tolerate, or dismiss the behavior of these officers.

An Internal Investigation was conducted, and appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken against those found to be in violation of our standards. We recognize that accountability is crucial for maintaining the public's trust. and will always hold our officers and staff to a high standard.  We still have adequate staffing to ensure a timely response to all calls for service and will be moving to fill vacant positions as quickly as possible.  It is imperative to stress that if a staff member's actions do not align with our department's standards, this is not the place for them. We are resolute in our commitment to our values and will always ensure the individuals who police our community reflect those values.  I am grateful for the many officers on our department who do their best to serve our community, honorably, every day.    

As a member of this community, I want you all to know our police department is dedicated to fostering a professional, respectful, and safe working environment for all. Our duty is to uphold the trust you place in us and to protect and serve this Town.  

Thank you for your understanding, and I assure you that we will continue to strive for excellence in our service to the Town of Erie.

According to the Erie Police Department, an internal investigation began on Oct. 10 stemming from an internal complaint of misconduct. The misconduct occurred while on duty and involved four sergeants and one officer. None of them are still employed with the department. 

The police chief said the misconduct was not criminal in nature and did not involve any member of the public.

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