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Email Job Offer Could Be Scam

DENVER (CBS4)- It starts out with an email offering up a job. But the message that requests a copy of your passport or driver's license is a phishing scam.

CBS4 viewer Susan Bloomquist received several of those emails claiming the company considered her resume and wanted to offer her a job. Because she hadn't applied for any jobs, Bloomquist called 4 On Your Side to check it out.

"I haven't done any resumes for them. I haven't posted anything online nor have I answered any job ads," said Bloomquist.

In the email the sender states that a scanned copy of an ID, passport or driver's license is required for consideration.

The letters come from a company called "JT Logistics Private Limited" which is a shipping and storage company out of India.

Bloomquist went to their website and found the company description is word for word what was in the email that she received. But when 4 On Your Side Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks tried the website later, it wouldn't load.

"I wondered where they got my name, where they got my email," said Bloomquist.

"If you open anything like this, don't open anything that has an attachment that you don't know who it comes from. If you do open it, never click on a link."

Career counselors say you should never have to provide personal information or copies of documents until you have been hired.

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