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Younger Voters Want To Make Sure Their Concerns Are Heard This Election

DENVER (CBS4) — As Coloradans watched Super Tuesday coverage on CBS4 and CBSN to see who would win delegates for the presidential election, a group of college students gathered to share their thoughts on who should represent the country's highest office.

Among the many topics addressed, students at Metropolitan State University Denver's Super Tuesday watch party all said affordable higher education was a key factor in who they will vote for.

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"Student loans, it's a big issue going on. A lot of us can't afford to pay for college so we are taking out loans," said Mayra Valdez, a junior at MSU Denver who attended the watch party.

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The bipartisan watch party was filled with voters in the thick of student loan debt, which made it no surprise they felt that was a pressing issue. Some, as a group, said students are forced to decide early in if they want to start their adult lives in debt, or with a job that isn't as fulfilling and doesn't require college.

The Super Tuesday primary was the first time some 17-year-olds were allowed to vote in the election. A new Colorado law allowed those who will be 18 by Election Day Nov. 3 the right to vote in the presidential primary.

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"Young voters are not only coming out to view, but they are also coming out to participate. It is exciting, and we are already to force some new exciting changes hopefully influenced by the younger demographics," said Danielle Holmes, a senior at MSU Denver.

Other topics of concern expressed by the students at the event were access to health care, saving the environment and securing the border.

Those in attendance said they believed young voters are showing their opinions and ideas should be valued by candidates.

"People are paying more attention and want to do more for the environment," said Angelica Prisciliano, a senior at MSU Denver.

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"These are the issues that we want to be heard in this presidential term," Holmes said.

"They know they can get a voice in the process," said Robert Preuhs, Chair of the Political Science Department at MSU.

Students at the event suggested young voters on both sides of the aisle agree that changes in the mentioned topics are needed. However, they also acknowledged finding the right compromise is often difficult.

"It is hard to agree on the solution for a lot of those things," Prisciliano told CBS4's Dillon Thomas.

"Can event like this can help this conversation start?" Thomas asked.

"I believe so, for people to come and have conversations and share ideas," Prisciliano said.

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