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E-Scooters Now Moved To Streets In Denver, Safety Remains Priority

DENVER (CBS4) - E-scooters are now banned from Denver's sidewalks. The Denver City Council made that move Monday night which moves them onto the streets. If riders are confused, it's no surprise.

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First the new scooters were legally deemed as toys, then the state passed a law putting them on the streets, now the city has followed suit.

Christy and Tara Giovannone were happily riding their scooters on the plaza of Union Station. Unbeknownst to them, the law suddenly changed.

CBS4's Rick Sallinger asked them if they knew where they are supposed to ride the scooters.

"On the sidewalks," they replied.

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When told that's no longer the case, they were surprised they have to be out there with the cars. Those riding on sidewalks won't be ticketed for a few weeks until word gets around and the offices are trained on enforcement.

It can be dangerous riding especially without a helmet. Cameron Hagan, 19, was killed when hit by a car. Henry Bromelkamp was in a coma for two weeks and is now in rehab. Caitlin Jacobsen is also now in rehabilitation after a crashing her scooter into a fence.

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A scooter provider, Lyft, was offering classes to riders at Union Station. Lesson one: always wear a helmet. However, they are not required and don't come with the scooters.

CBS4 asked scooter riders, "Do you think a helmet should be made available more readily?"

"Absolutely, 100%," Jay Carlson answered.

On this day they were. Lyft was giving them out for free. But the problem remains how to have a helmet handy when you suddenly want to ride one of these scooters.

Lyft's Patrick Quintana says they are working on that.

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"Those are certainly discussions we are having on how to meet our riders where they are when they are starting to ride our scooters."

Denver Police report 57 accidents involving e-scooters including many hit-and-runs. It remains ride at your own risk.

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