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Driver Takes Off After Hitting Bicyclist: 'Tried To Take It Out On Me'

DENVER (CBS4) - After being nearly run over by a truck while waiting at a stop sign, a cyclist needs help tracking down the driver. The incident happened last Thursday morning at the intersection of 12th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Denver. According to police and witnesses, the driver left the scene.

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The cyclist, Tom Fields, only sustained minor bumps and bruises. He's convinced what the driver did was intentional because, before the incident, he and the car were parked at a stop sign for about 30 seconds while waiting to cross the intersection.

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"There's no way that he could not have seen me, so I think this was just a very aggressive person who got upset there was a bicyclist in front of him and tried to take it out on me," Fields said.

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According to Fields, the SUV plowed through him from behind and went south down Yosemite.

While he was thrown to the side, the SUV ran over his bicycle, which is now bent at the frame and useless for commuting.

"The bike went down to the right side," Fields said. "Had I stayed on the bike, I believe I would have been under that car and been run over as well."

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Fields said one woman, Laura Delgado, stayed with him until police could get to the scene. In the meantime, another driver, Garrett Weekley, chased the car down Yosemite and snapped a photo.

The car in the photograph is a silver Chevy Traverse with temporary tags, 1264084, and a sticker for Drive N Motion.

(credit: Garrett Weekley)

"I think it would have been a closed case had Garrett not been able to chase after this gentleman," Fields said.

According to Denver police, no arrests have been made yet. Until then, Fields has a plea to all drivers about sharing the roads.

"This isn't something that's going to go away. We've got a lot of people moving to Denver, it's a fantastic place, it's where a lot of active people are," he said. "We just need to make sure everyone is safe."

Fields said he will continue to bike into work once he can get a new bicycle.

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