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Dreams fulfilled at Tonantzin Casa de Cafe

Dreams fulfilled at Tonantzin Casa de Cafe
Dreams fulfilled at Tonantzin Casa de Cafe 02:17

The business graduates of Mi Casa Resource Center generate some $25 million a year in revenues.  For the better part of 50 years, Mi Casa has been fueling the entrepreneurial dreams of Coloradans like Cynthia Diaz. 

The founder and owner of Tonantzin Casa de Café - Diaz said, "Tonantzin means mother earth and 'where is the best place to feel at home?' Is at your mother's house."

Diaz always wanted to own a business that would build a sense of community. 


Tonantzin in the Santa Fe Arts District was born during the pandemic.  The Casa de Café bustles with customers who appreciate the good vibes plus the indigenous and Latin American inspired fare.  "Our two biggest drinks are our horchata latte and our Tonantzin mocha latte - our house mocha," shared Diaz.

Mi Casa CEO Angeles Ortega said, "At Mi Casa we feel like the baby has been born.  Right?  That we have all of a sudden reality, the dream has become a reality." 

Mi Casa's Business Pathways program supports entrepreneurs through all stages of business development – with a bilingual curriculum and the mentorship needed to instill confidence.  In the past year alone, nearly 1500 people have been served.


Ortega said, "Think about the impact, the millions of dollars these businesses are creating in our community and they're creating jobs, creating opportunities for their families but also what happens throughout the community where those investments are made."

Cynthia Diaz credits her staff for going the extra mile to foster the community she dreamed of.  She said, "Each one of my staff has a fan club within the community.  Customers will come in and ask 'hey is so and so here?'"  


She continued, "In a time where labor is a complete shortage right now, I've been blessed enough to find a staff that just brings the mission of Tonantzin to life in everything that they do. That has been definitely my biggest joy."  

And her greatest lesson from Mi Casa is learning how critical relationships are to succeeding in business. Especially one focused on bringing people together for a cup of cafecito. 

Tonantzin is expanding its indoor dining area at its Santa Fe Drive location, and will soon open a second location at the Boulder Public Library.

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