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Dozens Of Puppies, Dogs Saved From Puppy Mill

DENVER (CBS4)- Nearly 35 puppies and dogs saved from puppy mills are getting a second chance at finding forever families in Colorado.

The animals are being cared for at the Dumb Friends League. Some of the puppies are as young as 4 months old

"We are blessed that we have the resources and the space to help pets outside of our own community when the need arises," said Bob Rohde, president and CEO of the Dumb Friends League. "In an urgent situation like this, it's wonderful that animal welfare organizations here in Colorado come together to assist vulnerable pets like these puppy mill dogs."

Volunteers traveled to Kansas and Missouri to pick up the puppies and dogs.

Some of the dogs will require foster care to be socialized with humans and medical treatment before they can be adopted.

"Chances are good that these dogs have had minimal human contact, never seen a flight of stairs and never been outdoors on a leash," said Theresa Geary, vice president of operations for the Dumb Friends League. "That means a lot of time and resources will be needed to help these dogs become ready for adoption."

Even though the puppy mill dogs are not immediately available, you can help today by donating to the Dumb Friends League. All donations enable the League to provide shelter, medical care, foster homes, behavior training and other vital services to homeless pets.

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