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Dominion Voting Systems Sues MyPillow, Founder Mike Lindell, For $1.3 Billion Over Election Claims

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) - Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems has followed through on threats and filed a lawsuit against MyPillow and founder Mike Lindell over claims their voting machines rigged the 2020 Presidential Election. Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion from MyPillow and Lindell in D.C. Federal Court.

Dominion alleges that the businessman defamed them with false allegations of election fraud.

Mike Lindell MyPillow
(credit: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

In the 115-page complained filed Monday morning, Dominion Voting Systems cites a multitude of social media posts, traditional media appearances, and a two-hour film produced in part by Lindell claiming to prove widespread fraud. That video was released online in early February.

Read the lawsuit for yourself here.

Also found in the complaint is the allegation that Lindell used his platform promoting what is called "The Big Lie" to market his product MyPillow, "saying that the 'President loves' MyPillow and that people should go to and use promo code 'Gorka.'" The MyPillow logo was also prominently featured during the interview on the YouTube program "America First," hosted by former presidential advisor Sebastian Gorka.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell
(credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Page 1 of the complaint claims that Lindell sells "The Big Lie" because "the lie sells pillows."

Former promo codes for the bedding accessory include "FightforTrump," "45," "Proof," and "QAnon." Sales have increased by 30% to 40%.

The document then cites the dozens of cases that have proven the claims pushed by Lindell, Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, and other allies to former President Donald Trump to be categorically false and unfounded.

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Dominion Voting will seek $651,7.35,000 for compensatory damages, $651,735,000 for punitive damages, and all expenses and costs related to the suit. This is in addition to the $1.3 billion lawsuit against Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani and $1.3 billion lawsuit against Trump ally Sidney Powell.


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