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Dog Attack Causes Pilot To Crash Drone And Start Fire

Springfield, Ore. (CBS Local) -- Dogs are typically known as being man's best friend, but one dog in Oregon is going to be known for a whole different reason.

An Oregon man, who was flying a drone, claims a dog caused him to crash his drone and start a fire.

"If nothing else I would like for this to be a cautionary tale about dog ownership and fire danger this time of year," he said. "I know I'm going to be a lot more careful."

The video above shows the drone crashing into the ground and bursting into flames. The drone pilot, known as Cameron Austin-Connelly on social media, wrote on Facebook what happened once he was attacked by a dog.

"This guy walks by with two dogs and one of them jumps on me knocking the transmitter out of my hands," Cameron Austin-Connolly wrote on Facebook.

The Eugene Springfield Fire Department arrived at the scene and cleared the area within an hour after Austin-Connelly called 911 to report the fire. This was unlike anything the department had ever dealt with.

"My drone crashes and when I go to look for it I saw smoke and flames so I called 911," Austin-Connolly wrote on Facebook. "Springfield FD quickly showed up and put out the flames. They even returned my drone and gopro. The Fire Marshall said that was their first drone fire."

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