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Mother Of Murder Victim: 'He Touched So Many Lives'

DENVER (CBS4) - Two weeks after a deadly home invasion in Denver the main suspect was arrested a thousand miles away in Torrance, California.

Police released video of taking Dmarco Blake, 17, into custody. He was reportedly caught in the middle of an alleged home invasion.

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Dmarco Blake being arrested (credit: CBS)

The arrest ended a two-week manhunt that jumped multiple state lines and resulted in even more victims.

The victim's mother says it's time for justice to be done.

Cristine Singh and Tim Anderson (credit: Cristine Singh)
Cristine Singh and Tim Anderson (credit: Cristine Singh)

Blake is accused of attacking a 70-year-old woman in a home invasion in Torrance. He was also wanted for the murder of 27-year-old Timothy Anderson.

Anderson's mother, Cristine Singh, was shocked to hear of the arrest.

"He's a coward. That's all he is. He's a coward. The only people he can fight are harmless people," Singh said.

Anderson was killed May 16 when Blake and Zjiahnni Lacour, 15, allegedly broke in to his home and shot him. Two other adults -- Desmond Hamilton and Keone Clark were also arrested.

dmarco blake zjiahnni lacour
Dmarco Jaquise Blake and Zjiahnni Tarrelle Lacour (credit: Denver Police)

On Saturday family members held the funeral for Anderson who was an aspiring artist and writer.

"He touched so many lives. I met so many of his friends from the school and he touched so many lives," Singh said.

Police say the four suspects were connected to seven break-ins the night of the murder and tie them to a burglary crime ring.

Singh wants prosecutors to pursue the harshest sentences.

CBS4's Stan Bush interviews Cristine Singh (credit: CBS)

"I don't only want them to pay, I want their families to know what they took away from me," she said.

Singh says she plans to speak in court. and wants to look Blake in the eye.

"First of all I'm going to call him a coward. That's what he is … he's a coward. Without that gun, he's nothing," she said.

Blake will be tried as an adult. His extradition to Colorado hinges on whether California authorities decide to try his crimes there first.

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