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Murder Suspect Wanted In Home Invasion Arrested In California

DENVER (CBS4) - A teenager wanted in a deadly home invasion was arrested in California in connection with a home invasion there.

Dmarco Blake was taken into custody early Tuesday in Torrance, Cali. along with another suspect.

Dmarco Jaquise Blake under arrest in Torrance, Cali. (credit: CBS)

Police said he physically assaulted a 70-year-old woman after breaking into her home. The woman had recently lost her husband.

The victim in the back of an ambulance (credit: CBS)

Blake, 17, had an outstanding warrant for a May 16 homicide home invasion at 3990 S. Spruce Street in Denver.

Spruce Street
The homicide scene on Spruce Street (credit: CBS)

"In the course of our investigation we've identified three other suspects, Demond Hamilton, 21, Keione Clark, 20, and a juvenile female," said Denver Police Cmdr. Barbara Archer during a news conference on Tuesday morning.

Dmarco Jaquise Blake
Dmarco Jaquise Blake under arrest in Torrance, Cali. (credit: CBS)
Dmarco Jaquise Blake
Dmarco Jaquise Blake (credit: Denver Police)

Police said Tim Anderson, 27, was shot multiple times when the juvenile female, initially identified as Zjiahnni Lacour, 15, and Blake broke in, stole valuables, and attacked him.

dmarco blake zjiahnni lacour
Dmarco Jaquise Blake and Zjiahnni Tarrelle Lacour (credit: Denver Police)

"It's a very tragic case, someone's home is being burglarized and he ends up dead," said Archer.

She said there were a total of four suspects wanted in connection with the crime spree who have been arrested. Blake, Hamilton and Clark are being charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and crime of violence used as a sentence enhancer. Lacour is being held for investigation of accessory after the fact.

cmdr. barbara archer
Denver Police Cmdr. Barbara Archer (credit: CBS)

"Right now we are confident the four we have in custody are connected with this homicide," said Archer.

Cristine Singh and Tim Anderson (credit: Cristine Singh)
Cristine Singh and Tim Anderson (credit: Cristine Singh)

Sources told CBS4 the homicide may be connected to a series of violent break-ins the same night in Greenwood Village, and the shooting of a dog inside one home.

"There were seven incidents that night and we believe that they're [the suspects] connected to those seven. Two of those are in Greenwood Village," said Archer.

Polo (credit: CBS)

Lacour turned herself in to police on May 20. Denver police initially denied claims the murder was a home invasion and any connection to the other cases.

The district attorneys will coordinate their extradition of Blake on whether he will be tried for his alleged crimes in California first or if he will be extradited to Colorado for his alleged crimes.

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