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Differing Views Emerge Over Colorado Delegate Rebellion At RNC

CLEVELAND (CBS4) - Some Colorado delegates led an attempted rebellion at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

The convention erupted in chaos early in the day Monday after the party leaders squashed an effort by some delegates to change party rules and allow those bound to presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to vote for anyone they wanted.

The Colorado delegates' leadership of the revolt was described to CBS4 in conflicting ways.

"There was no staged walkout, that I was aware of, and I was in the middle of the Colorado delegation," Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams told CBS4's Shaun Boyd.

"Oh there absolutely was a walkout by the Colorado delegates," said Regina Thomson, executive director of Free The Delegates. "We had to make a statement."

Colorado delegates at RNC
(credit: CBS)

CBS4 political analyst Dick Wadhams said whether there was a walkout or not, the decision to repress debate was a mistake.

"When you squelch the ability of people to register their discontent, their concerns about process, which is what happened today, it doesn't give them much of an opportunity to try to rally around our eventual nominee," he said.

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Wadhams said Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump, who spoke in primetime on the convention's first day, did a lot to get past the discord of the day. He said her speech framed Trump in a more positive light. She praised her husband's kindness, fairness, and inclusion.

"Donald intends to represent all the people," Melania announced.

"If you want someone to fight for you and your country, I can assure you he's the guy," she said.

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