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DIA Snowplows Clear Hail From Runways, 130 Flights Delayed

DENVER (CBS4) - Flight schedules are slowly getting back to normal at Denver International Airport after the violent weather caused a ground hold.

The FAA called the ground hold at when a severe storm came through and brought heavy rain, lightning and hail. There was so much hail on the runways that crews had to use snowplows to clear them off.

dia plows
(credit: Denver International Airport)

The ground hold kept flight crews indoors and out of harm's way.

Many flights going into DIA and coming out were delayed due to the hold, and a few flights had to be canceled.

Approximately 130 outgoings planes were delayed, some by as much as 3 hours. Some flights also had to be diverted to other airports.

Airport passengers who drove in to the airport told CBS4 the ride along Pena Boulevard was loud, with all the hail hitting their cars and the road.

According to, DIA was the worst airport for delays in the country on Thursday.

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