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Devon Erickson Murder Trial: Jurors See Body Camera Video From Deputy Responding To STEM School Shooting

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - On Tuesday, jurors in Devon Erickson's murder trial saw body camera video from deputies who responded to the shooting at STEM High School Highlands Ranch in 2019.

2)ERICKSON TRIAL - BODY CAM .transfer_frame_267
(credit: CBS)

Erickson admits being one of the shooters.

Devon Erickson arraignment
Devon Erickson (credit: CBS)

Body cam footage played in court showed Douglas County deputies moving through the school -- eventually finding the other suspect, Alec McKinney. Video shows officers detain McKinney and search him for weapons.

ERICKSON TRIAL 6MINI PKG.transfer_frame_546
(credit: CBS)

Authorities found several rounds of ammunition.

At around the same time another group of law enforcement officers is seen entering and is fired upon mistakenly by the school security guard. Meantime Douglas County Sergeant Joe White is seen rescuing a student, Jerry Montoya, taking him out of the school.

Alec McKinney
Alec McKinney (credit: Instagram)

The jury also heard testimony from former classmates and school staff.

Prosecutors also played part of a 911 call that came from the school's assistant principle. A detective then was on the stand as a video was played of him interviewing Devon Erickson over his cell phone just after the shooting took place.

ERICKSON TRIAL 6MINI PKG.transfer_frame_671
(credit: CBS)

"How many shooters do you have?" the detective asked.

"Two. Just two. There's him and then there's me. I was just supposed to watch the door because I didn't know if he was going to let me live," Erickson replied.

Erickson's family was emotional as the interview was played. Erickson purposely put his head down quite low so as to not be able to see the video. CBS4's Rick Sallinger reports he appears quite different in the video than the clean cut, young man at the defense table.

Kendrick Castillo was killed while trying to subdue Erickson when pulled a gun in Room 107 on May 7, 2019.

KENDRICK CASTILLO MURAL 10PKG.transfer_frame_470
(credit: CBS)

Fellow students Brendan Bialy and Joshua Jones also rushed to disarm the gunman. Jones was shot twice and survived. Bialy described the events during his testimony on Friday.

brendan bialy Erickson Trial_frame_148196
Brendan Bialy testifies in Devon Erickson's trial on Friday, May 28, 2021. (credit: CBS)

Castillo's father, John Castillo, told CBS4 on Friday morning that hearing the testimony is difficult, but is also bringing some closure. He's hopeful for justice to be served.


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