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'Devious Lick' Challenge: Vandalism, Theft Of Toilets, Equipment Costing Colorado Schools

(CBS4)- Internet fads come and go. There was "planking" where people would lie down, stiff as planks on monuments and locations of significance. More recently the "milk crate challenge," where people attempted to climb a stack of unstable plastic milk crates, became a hit.

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The latest is the "devious lick challenge."

"Some kids go into, like, the school bathroom or somewhere in the school and steal stuff," explained one Thompson Valley High School student.

The students then post a video of their caper on a social media site like TikTok and label it, "the most devious lick" with lick being slang for a heist.

Kids across the nation and in Colorado are causing serious damage. At Thompson Valley High School in Loveland parents and students say it has gotten out of control.

"Today I walked into one of the bathrooms that was locked and there were no mirrors, a missing sink, two toilets were missing. It was crazy," says the student who spoke with CBS4.

A parent posted on a "Lovelanders" Facebook group that her child reported a similar experienc, writing my 10th grader at TVHS just texted me to tell me that all the bathrooms have been closed due to vandalism.

Thompson School District officials say they verified with team members that report of stolen toilets is not accurate. They say at Thompson Valley High School, the only items that have been affected by the vandalism are a toilet paper dispenser and a hand soap dispenser.

In addition to the damage at Thompson Valley High School they have also seen bathroom damage at Loveland High School, Mountain View High School and Walt Clark Middle School.

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Denver Public Schools says they have seen some damage, but according to a letter to parents from a DPS-run charter school there has been a "sharp, sudden increase in senseless acts of vandalism or petty theft meant to gain views on social media."

The Cherry Creek School District sent a letter home to parents saying their schools also fell victim and warned that students could be suspended, made to pay restitution, referred to law enforcement, and/or expelled.

With serious penalties for their actions, you may wonder why kids are doing this challenge. It's simple, according to the students CBS4 talked to.

"Because they get TikTok clout," said one girl.

If peer approval is what these deviant lickers are seeking, they may be wasting their time. Many of the students CBS4 interviewed said they didn't think the challenge and all the vandalism was funny.

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"Honestly, it's kind of stupid," said one boy.

School districts are asking parents to talk with their kids about this challenge and discourage them from taking part.

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