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Design Finalized For Denver's 5280 Trail

DENVER (CBS4) - A vision that's been in the works for the past two years is finally being brought to life for the Downtown Denver Partnership. Under the plan, a unique trail -- the 5280 Trail -- would be added to the downtown area in an effort to promote community with a brand new green space for outdoor enthusiasts.

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The Downtown Denver Partnership is currently holding discussions and giving members of the public the opportunity to see the finalized design. The design was unveiled on Tuesday morning.

The trail is named 5280 Trail not by coincidence: The trail, in a city that brags about being 5,280 feet above sea level, is literally 5.280 miles long.

"It really began with the Northeast Downtown Neighborhood's plan. It said '21st Street dead ends at Coors Field. There's not a lot of cars using it. Can we re-imagine that for people space for the community to have more green space, like dog parks, playgrounds?'" explained Adam Perkins, the Downtown Denver Partnership's senior manager of urban planning.

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Organizers say it's all intended to increase neighborhood connectivity through the repurposing process.

"It's going to enhance the value of our neighborhoods, our homes, but it also is going to enhance our quality of life because getting in your car and driving is a real burden. It can bring you more joy to be on a bicycle to be outside in nature when you're on these trails that already exist," said La Alma-Lincoln Park Resident Amanda Hardin.

Those championing the project are encouraging everyone to get involved in the process, as they say it's about community at its core.

"The whole point, the success of this trail, is to have each neighborhood design their space so it is of their culture and of their character -- so we need to have everyone come to the table to make that work," said Perkins.

Perkins also said there will be some much-needed fundraising efforts going forward.

"We're here to support them. We love the idea of having a green space for pedestrians, bikes -- more people are moving into downtown because they want that connectivity -- they want to be together. 'Place making' is a term you hear now and that's exactly what (this) is going to achieve," added Hardin.

View the plan for yourself here or get involved in the process at

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