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Denver Zoo Welcomes First-Ever Hatching Of Sarus Crane

DENVER (CBS4) - The Denver Zoo welcomed their first-ever Sarus crane hatching.

The new baby, whose gender isn't yet known, hatched the morning of Aug. 17 to first-time parents, mother Violetta and father Alfredo.

Sarus cranes 1
(credit: Denver Zoo)
Sarus cranes 4
(credit: Denver Zoo)

"Denver Zoo is proud to celebrate its first hatching of a Sarus crane with Alfredo and Violetta," said Assistant Curator of Predators Matt Lenyo. "We are happy to see the chick growing stronger each day, and the new parents are proving to be naturals."

Zookeepers found the egg on July 15, and checked on it several times a day before it was moved for artificial incubation. In its place, the parents were given a wooden egg to brood.

Sarus cranes 2
(credit: Denver Zoo)
Sarus crane 3
(credit: Denver Zoo)

They say they did this to ensure the best chance of survival for the chick.

Upon hatching, it was returned to its parents, who have been providing excellent care.

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Saurs cranes grow to nearly 6-feet-tall, the tallest of all flying birds. They are native to Southeast Asia and Australia, and are classified as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

The new hatchling is already on exhibit in the Crane Lagoon at the zoo's Elephant Passage.

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