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Denver Zoo Hatches First Lake Titicaca Tadpoles In 'North American History'

DENVER (CBS4) - The Denver Zoo announced Monday that it's hatched the first Lake Titicaca frog tadpoles in North American history.

The announcement comes a little delayed, as the first batch of the roughly 200 tadpoles actually happened back on Valentine's Day, but it is a welcome one.

The Lake Titicaca frog, the world's largest entirely aquatic frog, is considered critically endangered.

"This hatching and the research we've done with Lake Titicaca frogs at the zoo and in Peru speaks to our role as a true conservation organization," the zoo's Matt Herbert said in a statement. "Our work is raising much-needed awareness for the plight of this frog for our guests, children and adults, and will soon do the same for those who visit the other institutions which will soon be a home for the species."

Currently the Denver Zoo is the only northern hemisphere institution to house the frogs.

Most of the tadpoles can already be seen in the zoo's Tropical Discovery building.

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