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No Restrictions Yet, But Denver Water Customers Should Be Water Wise This Winter To Avoid Them

DENVER (CBS4)- The weather in Colorado has been unseasonably warm this December. Heat records are being broken, but more importantly there has been no significant precipitation.

If you have been concerned about the lack of snow and warm weather, you aren't alone. As of Dec. 5, Denver hasn't seen any measurable snow (recorded officially at Denver International Airport) in 228; that's the second longest streak since 1887 when Denver went 235 days without measurable snow.

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"Certainly, Denver Water is concerned about this dry fall we have had" said Denver Water spokesman Todd Hartman. "We have to be watching very closely and of course hoping for some more snow and rain."

The snowpack has only ever been this low (or lower) seven other times since Denver Water started keeping tabs 43 years ago.

In the Rockies, water is in short supply so the risk of severe drought and water restrictions is ever present, but Denver Water, which serves the state's biggest city, says they are doing okay for now.

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"Fortunately, we have a very far-flung collection system so our reservoir storage is about average for this time of year," said Hartman.

That doesn't mean you should rest on your laurels. They say saving water is always important, and while you shouldn't be using outside water which helps conserve, you can still save a lot of water by checking your plumbing for leaks. Especially the flapper between the toilet tank and bowl.

"That's such a common leak and can result in so much water waste," said Hartman.

Denver residents don't have to worry about their use being restricted for now no matter how warm it stays through the month of December, but that might change next year.

"Come spring you want to be thinking about that as a possibility but there is still time and we are going to stay optimistic that this turns around," said Hartman.

Because of the dry, warm weather Denver Water says you should be using water outside to wet your trees and plants every few weeks. That might sound like you will be using more water than usual, but doing a water audit will help keep your water usage down.

Denver Water shares ways to conserve water on its website.

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