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Reusing Water Considered As Population Booms

DENVER (CBS4)- The possibility of reusing water is being considered as Colorado's population booms.

The state is one of the driest in the country and experts believe learning how to reuse the water that is already is here is necessary to sustain the growth.

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The PureWater Colorado Demonstration Project says water can be used for drinking water again and again.

The system recycles water that's been through homes and cleaned at a wastewater plant.

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The water isn't coming through any of the faucets, it's being sent to labs for testing and quality review.

The water goes through a purification system that removes the pollutants and germs, so it's safe to drink.

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There is a five-step process that filters and prepares the water for drinking.

"If you look at the Colorado water supply you can see that there are a number of anticipated challenges ahead that are driven by things like climate change, population growth and water scarcity. And so this is one of the tools in the toolbox to help us address those challenges," said John Rehring with WateReuse Colorado.

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The system has already proved successful in a handful of other states.

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