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Denver Water Continues Watering Restrictions, But Eases Surcharges

DENVER (CBS4) - The wet spring in Colorado could spell relief for more than a million homeowners who rely on Denver Water.

All of those storms in April and May have eased the drought, and the utility is reacting.

The number of days each week customers can water hasn't changed, but some of the surcharges are changing, meaning the costs of keeping lawns and bushes green might not be as much as many customers feared.

Denver Water, and Arvada's water department, say they won't impose watering restriction surcharges -- at least not right away.

"At this point we're waiting to see how much of that snow in the mountains turns into water in our reservoirs, and it's too early to say if we'll move from a Stage 2 to a Stage 1 response, but because conditions have improved a lot, we wanted to wait and see and put off drought pricing for at least a month," Denver Water spokeswoman Stacy Chesney said.

The two-day-a-week restrictions are here to stay for at least another month or so.

A Stage 2 drought restriction means there's a charge above the first 6,000 gallons of water, based on the block. That charge was set to go into effect in June and now it will be delayed by a month.

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