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Nearly 50 Puffer Cars Reported Stolen Last Month In Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - Police want to remind drivers not to leave their vehicles running unattended in the cold weather. Last month, at least 47 puffer cars were reported stolen in Denver.

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That number is down from Jan. 2019, when the Denver Police Department received 68 reports of stolen puffer cars. The worst month in 2019 for stolen puffer cars was February, with 102 thefts reported.

Stolen puffer cars aren't only reported in the winter. Between May and August of 2019, 68 idling cars were reported stolen in the Denver area.

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In Colorado, it's illegal to leave your car running unattended. In order to reduce car thefts, Denver police ask drivers to always lock their car doors and roll up the windows. Officers also ask drivers to never leave their keys in the car, especially in the ignition.

On Jan. 26, the Colorado Department of Public Safety launched a statewide "Puffer Week" to raise awareness about the risks of leaving vehicles unattended. The Colorado Auto Theft Intelligence Coordination Center reports there were more than 20,000 vehicles stolen across the state in 2019.


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