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Denver Auditor: Sidewalk Repair Program 50 Years Behind Schedule

DENVER (CBS4)- The Denver auditor said the city's sidewalk repair program is decades behind schedule. He said that repairs are happening so slowly, it will take more than 50 years to fix all the sidewalks, and that's just the ones that need repairs now!

sidewalk program (Denver Auditor) 4
(credit: Denver Auditor)

The slowness isn't the only problem. The city is not requiring that sidewalks be ADA accessible. The auditor said those in wheelchairs or people pushing strollers cannot use them.

sidewalk program (Denver Auditor)
(credit: Denver Auditor)

Right now, the repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner, although they can apply for help from the city.

sidewalk program (Denver Auditor) 3
(credit: Denver Auditor)


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