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City Uses Program To Crackdown On Illegal Short-Term Rentals

DENVER (CBS4) - The City of Denver is cracking down on short term housing rentals, those of 30 days or less. The Department of Excise and Licenses receives average of three complaints a week. Fines are levied against those found advertising or operating without a license.

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On Glenarm Place CBS4 found one of the many addresses cited for failure to have a license for short term rental use. The owner faces the possibility of a $99 fine or up to $1000 for a third offense.

In another area, Mary Lou Fienili said she has a problem with a placed listed on Airbnb on her block with out of control gatherings. She is all for the fines.

"They are operating outside the law and at many times at the expense of the neighbors," she said.

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If you search Airbnb, VRBO and other sites you may not find the exact address until you book it. But look closely, each property within Denver is supposed to have a license registration number. If they don't they're in trouble with the fines or worse.

Charlotte Winzenburg is a member of the city's short term rental advisory committee,

"I like to think that felony arrests are more persuasive than the fines," she said.

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A software called Host Compliance is used to track down violators. The city of Denver provides it a list of current short term rental licenses and it identifies the address and property owner using 50 different data bases.

"They can identify houses that you would have no clues the average person would see," Winzenburg said.

Denver attorney Aaron Elinoff and Alexander and Stacey Nair face felony charges accused of falsifying affidavits about where they really live.

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In Denver you can rent your home for under 30 days, but only if it's your primary residence.

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