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Denver Runs Tests On Its Voting Machines Leading Up To June 28 Primary

(CBS4) - Denver on Wednesday ran tests on its voting machines in advance of the June 28 primary. The Denver Elections Division does logic and accuracy test before every election as required by state law.

Voting test
(credit: CBS)

The division hand-marks ballots and then feeds them through the machines to make sure they are picking up the correct votes. The votes are then cleared, and the public can watch.

The Denver Election Division says the test is more important than ever as would-be hackers take aim at the voting process.

(credit: CBS)

"We use Dominion software, and that's something we've been using from day one. It's very accurate. We've had flawless elections because of that software," said Paul Lopez, Denver's Clerk & Recorder.

Ballots for the primary go out next week. Unaffiliated voters will get ballots for both Democrats and Republicans but can only return one.

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