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Check Out The Denver Restaurant Week Menus Now

DENVER (CBS4) – The menus for Denver Restaurant Week are now live. Denver Restaurant Week menus went live at noon. The annual event kicks off on Feb. 21 and runs through March 1.

Denver Restaurant Week (credit: CBS)

"It's so exciting, I love Restaurant Week," said Bre Patterson, a food blogger. "I think it's an opportunity for everyone to explore the culinary scene."

This year, more than 230 restaurants will be offering special multi-course meals for one of three price points, $25, $35, or $45.

(credit: CBS)

Patterson launched Bites With Bre in 2015 and has made a career out of her love for food and exploration of Denver restaurants.

"Bites with Bre is a celebration of the culinary scene," she said. "Bites with Bre is more about the story behind the dish or why that dish is so good."

Bre Patterson (credit: CBS)

She says there are favorites for her all year and types of food she prefers, but Denver Restaurant Week is a chance to try new spots and cuisines she is less familiar with as a diner. Her hope this year is to try more French food.

"It's a passion for me. I love food, I've always loved food," Patterson said. "One of the best things that's happened to Denver is the diversity of food."

She remembers first noticing this interest at the age of 12. Now as an influencer with a following of more than 30,000 accounts she keeps in mind that someone is always taking into consideration what she's posting and the places she's choosing to visit.

"I know that anything I put out there is being shown to other people," Patterson said. "I try to share the best of the best and hope that people enjoy that."

(credit: CBS)

For Denver, the increase in choice and chefs shows up in the content she creates. Locals take more interest in food now and young people aspire to become successful chefs, helping to increase the audience for Bites With Bre.

Looking ahead to this Denver Restaurant Week, Patterson says she wants to explore neighborhoods like the Denver Tech Center and Bonnie Brae. She has also noticed that a lot of old spices are returning into dishes served around Colorado.

"Our food scene has definitely changed in the last five years," she said. "There's so many different restaurants, you can get everything here."

Here are some tips to remember from the people behind the popular event, now in its 16th year:

  1. Choose your spend. Each restaurant will be offering ONE of the three price points - $25, $35 or $45 – so be sure to look at what the price is for the restaurants you are interested in.
  2. Get inspired by menus at All participating restaurants are listed on the website by neighborhood, cuisine and price. Plus, new restaurants are added to the list up until the beginning of Denver Restaurant Week, so be sure to check back for the latest info.
  3. Make reservations. Tables fill up fast during Denver Restaurant Week, so make your plans soon. Be flexible and try some earlier or later seatings, too – or even some Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday options. And be sure to cancel any reservations you don't use!
  4. Head to more than one place. Denver Restaurant Week is the perfect time to revisit some classic Denver favorites and try new hotspots.
  5. Splurge! Many restaurants offer affordable wines, additions and special desserts. At these prices, you can afford to order some extras.
  6. Pay it forward. The delicious menus these restaurants have prepared are also great deals. Be sure to tip your servers generously.

Visit Denver spokeswoman Ashley Geisheker said Denver Restaurant Week originally started 16 years ago "to make people aware of what a great culinary scene we had" and the event has grown significantly in the years since then.

"It now celebrates all the things we have going on," Geisheker said. "We have hundreds of restaurants opening every year. We have countless awards coming our way, which is wonderful. Now it's just really a great celebration!"

LINK: Denver Restaurant Week

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