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Denver Rescue Mission helps with housing, life stability

Denver Rescue Mission helps Coloradans with housing, life stability
Denver Rescue Mission helps Coloradans with housing, life stability 02:11

There are about 9,000 people experiencing homelessness across the Metro Area. The Denver Rescue Mission works every day to get families into stable housing through its Bridge program at The Crossing.


Ralph and Lisa are working through the program. They are currently living at The Crossing, which is a transitional housing facility. The couple are parents to five children and one adorable grandchild, and they're excited to get into a new home soon.

"We would never have had stable housing coming out of the situation we were in," Ralph said.

They're rebuilding their lives after a relapse into drug use.

"We are addicts. Crystal meth, unfortunately," Ralph explained.

They lost everything and spent years motel jumping and sleeping on couches.

"As long as I had that sack in my pocket, they were willing to let us stay over, you know," Ralph recounted.

"It was difficult…going from having everything, a place, two vehicles, our kids and then just not having that. It's difficult," Lisa explained.

Losing their kids was a turning point, they both got clean.

"I just put it in my mind. I wanted my kids back so I turned myself in and I spent about 30-days in jail," Lisa told CBS News Colorado.

Now Ralph has a job. They have their kids back. Lisa cares for their granddaughter. They're getting back on track with the help of the Bridge program.

"We're a program that is specifically designed to support and  help people build on their own strengths and their own abilities to then go back out and be the people that they believe and know that they can be," said Joy McGuire-Olson, Associate Clinical Director for the Denver Rescue Mission.

The couple has gone through counseling, case management, and workshops on problem solving, anger management and financial health.

"To build the person to the point that they're able to get into their community and really thrive," McGuire-Olson said.

"It's the program that got us stable," Ralph confirmed.

Ralph and Lisa are building a new home where their granddaughter can grow up feeling loved and supported.

LINK: Spread the Warmth

CBS News Colorado is working with the Denver Rescue Mission to Spread the Warmth. You can support the Denver Rescue Mission by making a donation of money or gently used winter weather gear, or volunteering.

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