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'Just Don't': Denver Couple Recalls Moment Miniature Dachshund Puppy Was Stolen At Gunpoint

DENVER (CBS4) - It's been almost a week since a Denver man and his girlfriend had their 2-month-old miniature dachshund "Loki" stolen at gunpoint.

"He is deepy loved by both of us," said the owner, who wishes to only be identified as Shawn. "We may have not had him for long, but he was a big part of our family."

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(credit: CBS)

He says they were robbed by teens while on a walk near Nettie More Park in Denver.

"There was a car parked right next to the playground," Shawn told CBS4's Andrea Flores. "They kept calling us like, 'Hey, can we see your dog, your dog is really cute."

Shawn says he couldn't believe what happened next.

"They were like, 'Oh, can we take a picture with him?' And we were just like, 'Yeah, okay,"" said Shawn. "The kids kind of posed for a picture it seemed like, but the kid that was holding the dog turned around and was just like, 'I have to do this,' and he pointed a gun at us, and pulled the leash away from my girlfriend."

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(credit: Shawn Ro/Facebook)

Shawn tried desperately to get the dog back.

"I reached to grab for him and they locked the doors. I reached for the doors also, and they were rolling up the windows, and they hit the gun against the window, and said, 'Just don't, just don't' and they kept repeating that."

Within seconds, Loki and the suspects were gone.

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(credit: CBS)

contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with information. Denver police says two juveniles have been identified in relation to the robbery, but Loki is still nowhere to be found.

"He was just a really good friend," said Shawn. "I'm really hoping to get our dog back."

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