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Denver Public Schools Considers Alternative Calendar For Buildings Without Air Conditioning

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Public Schools want to keep students cool when hot weather strikes. A total of 50 buildings in DPS don't have air conditioning.

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Heather Showman, a social worker at Stedman Elementary, has learned to adapt an old furnace to help control the temperature. Sometimes she has to open the windows, even if it's snowing outside.

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But she said it's harder for her kids to keep their cool after spring break.

DPS is considering offering an alternative calendar option for schools without air conditioning. Those schools would start a few weeks later to avoid the late summer heat, without sacrificing any instructional time.

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"It's really frustrating to tell kids every day, 'I'm really sorry that you're hot. I'm really sorry that you're thirsty. I know you're doing you're best but we still have to try and learn.'It's really hard as a child to understand not having those basic needs," said Showman.

Next week, DPS will survey administrators in schools without air conditioning to see how they feel about an alternative calendar.

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