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Denver Public Schools Has A Tool To Tackle Potential Outbreaks

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Public Schools demonstrated on Monday one of the tools they use to disinfect classrooms during a potential illness outbreak, which is part of their current response to the coronavirus. Staff at McKinley-Thatcher Elementary are using an electrostatic gun to spray any touchable surface on campus.

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(credit: CBS)

"We hit every surface that we possibly can," said Michael Potter, the facility manager at the school. "You can literally do your whole building with one gun."

He has worked at the school for more than 22 years and showed off the disinfecting approach used at that location as well as across the district.

Potter explained germs can be killed in a minute and the spray dries quickly, it doesn't need to be wiped down. The district is trying to use this tool daily.

Potter says not only did he clean the school Monday morning with the spray, but it was used over the weekend and on Friday as well.

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(credit: CBS)

"Anything that is a touchable surface, we sprayed it, we disinfected it," Potter said of the electrostatic gun. "This right here is a great tool in what we're battling against."

DPS has an Infectious Disease Outbreak Response, which includes four levels based on the number of students and staff impacted. It also gives guidelines for pandemic or epidemic outbreaks that include community spread concerns.

Based on the number of students who have to be absent because of an outbreak, the district focuses on a classroom or an entire building. If 35% or more are absent, DPS will consider closing a school.

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