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Denver Police Union President Kicked Out Of Sports League

DENVER (CBS4) - A football coach has been banned for what he said to his players and some of the parents call it verbal abuse.

The South Jefferson County Sports Association has let Nick Rogers go. He coached with the group for 4 years outside his job as a Denver police officer and police union president.

What some of the parents heard from the assistant coach from the stands disturbed them. CBS4 obtained a confidential review from a committee regarding the verbal abuse allegations. It explained why Rogers was let go and why every assistant coach in the league now has to take an educational class before they coach again.

Julia Davick's son is on the football team. She says her son is one of the players that Rogers yelled at during a game. She says it was excessive but did not see it as abuse.

"It just got to a point where it was kind of scary, and so I think that what a lot of the parents saw, is they saw maybe a threat," Davick said. "I so much didn't but I can see where it's perceived that way. He's very loud and he gets in their faces."

Rogers is described by team parents as very animated on the football field.

"Nick's not a bad guy, he just made some bad choices," Davick said.

The review committee said Rogers had at least two failures to comply with ordered suspensions. He's now dismissed from the program, which means he is not allowed to coach, volunteer, register a child for participation, or attend any game or practice.

Two team managers have also been suspended for a year for not reporting that Rogers showed up while suspended, and for failing to stop the verbal abuse.

CBS4 made several attempts to reach Rogers for a comment, but he has not returned calls.

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