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Denver Native Serving In The Military Finds Ways To Preserve Mother-Daughter Bond

(CBS) - Mother's Day brings families together, but for those serving in the military overseas it is another holiday apart. One way families try to stay in touch is by recording Mother's Day greetings, which mean a lot to Spc. Samantha Cordova.

Samantha Cordova
(credit: CBS)

Cordova is from Denver, about 7,000 miles away from where she currently serves in the Army in Kuwait. She was deployed over a year ago and has found several ways to stay in touch with her mom.

"We've been able to write letters and call each other on the phone and you have FaceTime calls as well. So, thank God there is some technology there so you can still communicate with each other," Cordova said.

When Cordova joined the military, she was 23 and her mom was the first person she told of her decision to serve her country.

"Her response actually shocked me because she said, 'This is who you were meant to be. This is what you were meant to do,'" Cordova said.

Filled with encouragement, Cordova decided to see a career as a preventative medicine specialist -- helping to protect soldiers from any disease, illness or injuries on the base. The hard work is not only gratifying, but it has also grown the bond between mother and daughter.

"She was very resilient throughout her entire career. I look up to her and I hope, if I ever become a mother, to be just as strong as she is one day," she said.

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