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Denver Mayor Travels To South Africa To Promote DIA

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is in South Africa and trying to capture an international audience for Denver International Airport.

The event is "Airport Cities World Conference" and it is being held outside of Johannesburg.

"It's an opportunity for cities, globally, competitive cities to come together and talk about their developments around the airport and in the airport and it continues to show that Denver is on a global, competitive stage and people are looking to see how to handle the opportunity," said Hancock during a live phone interview on CBS Morning News on Friday.

Hancock said promoting DIA will stimulate business and tourism across the state. He also plans on implementing what he's learning at the conference once he returns to Denver.

"One of the opportunities is to get lessons learned from other regions. There are 40 different countries that are here. Listening to how they pulled together their regions, understanding their mind set around global competition and will help us take some of the lessons learned and apply them back to Denver. Our chief commercial officer is here. They have been speaking and we have taken some lessons from other airports," said Hancock.

Hancock also said DIA's biggest asset is the huge parcel of land included on airport property.

"It's been pretty much what has taken you so long to be here. We're here to talk about the vision and plans going forward and the opportunities that Denver has around the area and the airport city. I noted a session yesterday to demonstrate how Denver has stepped on the stage boldly and people are interested to hear what Denver has to say," said Hancock.

DIA Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport (credit: CBS)
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