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Denver Mayor: 'We Pledge To Meet The Targets Of The Paris Agreement'

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says the city will do what it can to live up to the Paris climate change agreement.

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he is pulling the United States out of the accord because he says it hurts American businesses and workers. Hancock disagrees, saying the accord boosts clean energy jobs.

Michael Hancock seal
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

In a statement, Hancock said "We will not back down from our commitment to address this global threat and will continue the pledge to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement even in the absence of federal leadership."

LINK: Climate Action Plan

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper also pledged that Colorado will continue to pursue clean energy efforts, releasing a statement calling Trump's move a "serious mistake."

"Today, we break ranks with 190 nations who are working together to stop the worst effects of climate change, which the scientific community agrees would devastate the global economy and our planet, and the defense community agrees would destabilize vulnerable nations that have served as breeding grounds for international terrorism."

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