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George Floyd Protests In Denver Get Violent: Cars Damaged, Graffitti Sprayed On Capitol

DENVER (CBS4) - Protesters in Denver angry over the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota caused plenty of damage around the Colorado State Capitol Thursday night. Video showed a protester with a bandana over his face smashing a metal rod through a window of a parked car in one of the many examples of things getting out of control.

(credit: CBS)

Some also smashed out the windows and windshields of a Colorado State Patrol cruiser and another vehicle parked next to it that reportedly belongs to a state senator. Graffiti was also spray painted on the steps of the capitol and on walls.

Police took several people into custody and had to throw flash-bang devices in the street to disperse some of the crowd late in the night. They also used pepper spray or pepper balls to keep the crowd under control.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock responded to the chaos by saying "You can be angry. You can be outraged. I certainly am and I join you in those feelings and demands of #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. March for justice and to see it served, but please march in peace. Responding to violence with violence will only lead to more violence."

A Colorado mother, who provided her first name only, came to the rally with a family member to demonstrate and told CBS4 she felt compelled to show support and ask for justice for George Floyd.

"The (violence) puts people more at risk for being arrested, but you know what? It's going to take people getting arrested. We cannot stand for people being murdered in the streets," Julia said. "I'm not judging people that chose to do (the damage) tonight, I'm saying I'm out here to protest peacefully. But I think we need all forms of protest, because somebody was killed. And that we cannot stand for."

Police Protest In Downtown Denver
(credit: CBS)

Gunshots were also fired during Thursday night's events and caused a scene of panic on the steps of the capitol. No one was hurt but police were looking for the person who fired the shots.

For complete coverage of the situation in Minneapolis visit and stream CBSN Minnesota.)

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