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Denver Garage Fire Damages 2 Homes

DENVER (CBS4) – A fire that damaged two homes started in a garage on South Galapago Street in Denver Tuesday afternoon.

Fire investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire but have deemed it not suspicious.

High winds pushed the fire into the second home and firefighters say that because of the high winds, more homes could have easily been damaged.

"The winds caught the fire at just the right time, pushed it to the south and then moved in through the attic," said Mark Watson from the Denver Fire Department.

Neighbor Polly Gonzales said she heard explosions and that she could feel the heat while standing in the kitchen.

"Something blew up in their backyard. There's homeless people living back there and I don't know what they started or what blew up, but something blew up. It was a very intense, fast fire," said Gonzales.

Investigators say that both homes are likely a total loss due to the flames spreading into the attics.

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