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Denver Among Potential Host Cities For World Cup

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver is among about 23 potential host cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

It's the first time since 1994 that the World Cup is coming back to North America. On Wednesday in Moscow, the trio bid of the United States, Mexico and Canada beat Morocco in a vote to earn the hosting rights to the 2026 World Cup. The final vote ended with 134 to the United States and 65 for Morocco.

Brazil v Croatia: Group A - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
(Photo Credit: Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

The final North American host cities won't be announced until as late as 2021.

The Colorado Rapids released this statement shortly after the announcement: "Denver is a world-class city and soccer destination, and our history of hosting extremely successful international soccer games and our enthusiastic fan base gives us confidence that – if selected – Denver and the region would be excited to see the World Cup take place at the Denver Broncos' stadium. Current studies indicate that host cities can see an economic impact of as much $360 million."

Since the U.S. first hosted the World Cup in 1994 (Denver wasn't one of the host cities), it has been in France, South Korea and Japan (joint-bid), Germany, South Africa and Brazil, with the Russia World Cup beginning on Thursday. The U.S. will join France, Germany, Brazil, and Italy as nations to host the cup twice, while this will be a record third time for Mexico. The country hosted in 1970, but it also hosted in 1986 after it was originally awarded to Colombia, who couldn't host for economic reasons.

Because they are all hosting, the Canada, U.S. and Mexico teams will all automatically qualify for the tournament.

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