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Denver Drivers Prepare For Monday Commute

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver drivers venturing out over the weekend experienced slippery wintry conditions, confronting not just snow and ice but also low visibility.

Karl Schuch is already preparing for his Monday morning commute. "I gotta get a good head start on clearing out the car and there's a good 6-inches on my car already," he said.

Scraping snow and ice is just the start of the battle, as Schuch explained, "What I'm worried about is that I have to take the side streets up to north Denver, and so the problem is all the neighborhood streets."

Andrew Bierbaum, another Denver driver, laughed but said, "It's scary." He isn't driving far for his commute, "like 2 miles down the road."

But Bierbaum is prepared, "It's going to take a while to get there I'm sure," and is leaving with plenty of time to spare, "About an hour."

denver driver scraping car
(credit: CBS)

With more than a foot of weekend snowfall and freezing temperatures, which are expected to last into the week, Denver Public Works has deployed its fleet of 96 residential street plows for the first time in two years.

"The roads are still extremely snow packed and icy. So for today, if you don't have to be out there, stay home," said Heather Burke from Denver Public Works.

snowy denver streets
(credit: CBS)

A new public works crew will hit the streets Sunday night to plow at midnight.

Their best advice for drivers heading out Monday morning is to leave early and take it slow.

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