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Coronavirus In Colorado: 13 Citations Given To Denver Businesses

DENVER (CBS4) - The city and county of Denver handed out 13 citations to businesses that violated the stay at home order during the coronavirus pandemic. The citations were given between March 26 and April 2.

Appliance Factory Chain
(credit: CBS)

One business, Appliance Factory at 1045 Zuni, was cited four times. They were given an order to vacate on April 2, the same day the manager spoke with CBS4 about the decision to stay open prior to the vacate order.

The company filed an appeal to the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, city officials tell CBS4.

The city provided this statement regarding the Zuni store:

The Appliance Factory has had ample opportunity to abide by the Stay at Home Order like nearly every other non-essential business in Denver. The Appliance Factory is not above the law.

City staff made contact with the business owner on numerous occasions and explained that the Order allows for "maintenance and repair of ordinary household and business appliances," not in-person retail sales.  Despite written warnings, followed by five separate citations – four citations at the business's location on Zuni Street, one citation at its location on Colorado Boulevard – the owner continued to violate the Order by allowing in-person retail sales.

The City must enforce the Stay at Home Order to protect the public's health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Enforcement is a last resort as we trust the community recognizes the need to take the Order seriously if we are going to stop the spread of the virus.  To date, we have issued only a handful of citations to non-essential businesses for failing to abide by the Order.  The Appliance Factory is the only business that refused to comply with the Order and its conduct necessitated the steps the City took in response.

The business has appealed the closure, which the City will contest.

Officials at Appliance Factory tell CBS4 the vacate order only applies to that specific location, and other stores are open as of now. An employee at the location on Colorado Boulevard says they are only taking online orders.

Appliance Factory Notice
(credit: CBS)

The city and county of Denver first started visiting businesses that were not complying on March 24. Since then, they've had nearly 5,000 "contacts" and they've given 964 warnings.

Businesses cited:

  1.  4/2 – Appliance Factory (1045 Zuni)*
  2.  4/2 – Denver Smokes and Vapes (4085 E. Mississippi #E)
  3.  4/2 – Royal Pipes and Hookahs (10890 E. Dartmouth #10A
  4.  4/2 – EZ Pawn (1025 S. Broadway)
  5.  4/1 – Appliance Factory (2816 Colorado Blvd)
  6.  4/1 – Vape Glass (4039 S. Lowell Blvd)
  7.  3/31 – Appliance Factory (1045 Zuni)*
  8.  3/31 – Wing Stop (5125 Chambers Rd)
  9.  3/30 – Hobby Lobby (920 S. Monaco)
  10.  3/29-Appliance Factory Outlet (1045 Zuni St.)*
  11.  3/29- Car Wash USA Express (603 Santa Fe Drive)
  12.  3/28-Appliance Factory (1045 Zuni)*
  13.   3/26-Game Stop (757 E 20th Ave)

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Residents who suspect that someone is violating the stay-at-home order should first contact their local public health agency to report any concerns. Residents may also file a report with the Colorado Attorney General's Office by emailing if local law enforcement or a local public health agency is unresponsive.

For more information about the public health order and how it is enforced, click here.

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