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Denver Weather: With A Week To Go, This August Is The Hottest On Record

DENVER (CBS4) - It's been a hot summer in Colorado. Denver experienced one of the warmest June and July's on record. And this August is on track to be the hottest in Denver's nearly 150 years of records.

Of the 23 days completed so far this month, 21 of them have been above normal with temperatures reaching at least 90 degrees. The average temperature for the month (daily highs and lows together) is just shy of 80 degrees.

(source: CBS)

The current hottest August on record is from 2011 when the average temperature was 77.0. And even with the final few days of the month expected to bring somewhat cooler weather in the 80s, it's likely the August 2020 average will stay above the August 2011 average. Therefore we should have a new hottest August on record.

The heat on Monday will contribute to the impressive heat this month.

The normal high temperature in Denver for August 24 (Monday) is 86 degrees. Instead the city should reach at least 99 degrees which would be enough to break the record high of 98 degrees from 2011.

(source: CBS)

Monday will also be the 64th day this year with a high temperatures reaching at least 90 degrees. Denver will be only 9 days away from the record of 73 days set in the hot summer of 2012.

(source: CBS)

And temperatures will be toasty statewide. Most mountain areas will reach the 70s and 80s while the Western Slope and Eastern Plains will be in well into the 90s and could reach 100 degrees in some areas.

(source: CBS)

Not much will change this week with hot and mainly dry weather each day through Thursday. Isolated thunderstorms are possible mainly in the mountains until Friday when better rain chances finally arrive along with slightly cooler weather. Looking even farther ahead, we are seeing signs of significantly cooler weather for the start of September.

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