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Demolition Of Columbine High School Considered

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- The demolition of Columbine High School is being considered as part of a proposal for enhanced safety features in Jeffco Public Schools. It's just one of the ideas being discussed.

columbine high school
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Jeffco Schools Superintendent Jason Glass sent a letter to parents in Jeffco Schools on Thursday. He says there are people worldwide obsessed with Columbine called "Columnbiners" and that, "Since the morbid fascination with Columbine has been increasing over the years, rather than dissipating, we believe it is time for our community to consider this option for the existing Columbine building."

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"There's a strong desire from the Columbine community to continue with the name and the Rebel pride and the traditions that come with the school," said Glass.

Some of the options include asking voters for additional funds to construct a new school for Columbine while still retaining the name Columbine High School, the school's current colors and mascot.

"Some of the early ideas around that would involve moving the building to the west of its current location. But it still needs to be in that vicinity because we need to serve that community, the kids that are there," said Glass.

Others include constructing the new school near the current location, west of the current site while demolishing the existing building and including enhanced safety features designed to provide greater monitoring and school privacy.

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Jason Glass (credit: CBS)

Twelve students and one teacher were gunned down on April 20, 1999 when two gunmen opened fire in the school. At the time it was considered one of the worst mass school shootings in history.

"We have hundreds of people who try and enter the building or walk onto the grounds or slow role by it. We even have tour buses of people that stop outside of Columbine High School," said Glass.

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